Abu Simbel Small Temple after relocation.

Abu Simbel Temples: The Great Temple of pharaoh Ramesses II and the Small Temple of the goddess Hathor / his beloved wife Nefertari

Inside one of Egypt's Biggest Royal Weddings

The love story of Taj Mahal


Architectural Love Story: 10 Real Castles Built for Love

10 Extraordinary Castles built for love

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The famous bust of Queen Nefertiti made by the sculptor Tuthmose. Found in the workshop of the sculptor at Amarna; she may had been used as a model to him; it is said that the artist was in love with the beautiful queen. Neues Museum, Berlin. Image credit: Public domain.

Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss by Italian artist Antonio Canova (first version: 1787-1793). Marble, 155 cm x 168 cm. Louvre Museum MR 1777. Image credit: Eric Pouhier (2007) - Public domain.

Cupid and Psyche

Adone e Venere (Adonis and Venus) by Italian artist Antonio Canova (1789-1794). Detail. Marble. Musee d' Art et de l' Histoire, Villa La Grange, Geneva. Image credit: Pinterest.

The Kiss by French artist Auguste Rodin (1882). Marble, 181.5 cm x 112.5 cm x 117 cm. Musee Rodin, Paris. Image credit: Musee Rodin - Public domain.

L'√Čternel Printemps by French artist Auguste Rodin (1884). Bronze and marble. Probably inspired by the passionate love between the sculptor and his young pupil Camille Claudel. Musee des Beaux-Arts de Besancon. Image credit: Arnaud 25, Creative commons.

L' Abandon by the French artist Camille Claudel (ca 1886-1905). Image credit: Marco Illuminati. Musee Camille Claudel.

Art and Love in Renaissance Italy - MET Publications

La nascita di Venere / The Birth of Venus by Early Renaissance Italian artist Sandro Botticelli (ca 1485). Uffizi, Florence. Image credit: Google Art Project, Public domain.

 Cupid and Psyche by the French artist Guillaume Seignac (1870-1924). Date unkwown. Oil on canvas. 81 cm x 100 cm. Private Collection. Image credit: The Athenaeum, Public domain.

Romeo and Juliet by Victorian painter and illustrator Sir Francis Bernard Dicksee (1884). Oil on canvas. 168.9 cm x 115.5 cm. Southampton City Art Gallery. Image credit: Public domain.

 In the Garden by French impressionist artist Pierre Auguste Renoir (1885). Oil on canvas. 170.5 cm x 112.5 cm. Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg (Russia). Image credit: Public domain.

The Kiss by Edvard Munch (1897). Oil on canvas. 99 cm x 81 cm. Munch Museum, Oslo (Norway). Accession: M0059. Image credit: Google Art Project, Public domain.

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